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Booking and Rental Policies

Please read this page thoroughly before booking.  Print page  for your convenience.

Please read these rules carefully before booking. Every rental agreement is subject to these rules; violations can result in additional charges or termination of the booking. We know most of you would regard these rules as a matter of common sense and courteous behavior, but we've learned from hard experience that we need to be very clear about our expectations!

Before booking, please make certain of your plans. We do not "hold" the condo. Once you book, we begin turning down other requests.

1. How to Book: Call us or Request Online. Your reservation is confirmed when we send your booking documents, which must be signed and returned to us within 24 hours. We make every effort to keep the information on our website accurate, but we need to verify availability and price before we can confirm any booking. Please respect the " turn day" designation for "high-season" bookings and the maximum occupancy for the condo, which includes adults and all children over the age of two.

2. Check-in and Check-out: Check-in time is 3 p.m or after. Check-out time is 11 a.m. There are no late check-outs during "high-season." Sometimes during off-season we can grant an early check-in of 1 p.m. and a late check-out of 1 p.m. without additional charge.

Off season, you can call or email the office a day ahead to see if an early check-in is possible and again you can contact the office the day before check-out to see if a 1 p.m. check-out is possible, subject to any last minute bookings. We will contact you before 11 a.m. in the event a last-minute booking makes a late departure impossible.

You must return your keys to the designated location upon departure.

3. Payments and Cancellations:

  1. Booking online or by calling the office requires a valid checking account, which we deduct from your account within 24 hours for the full amount of the booking for bookings less than 30 days away.

  2. Payment by check is preferred for bookings at least 30 days distant. If paying by check, the first payment (60% of the total rent), with the signed agreement, is due within five days. The second payment (40% of the rent, plus tax, cleaning, and any extras) is due 30 days before check-in. If we do not receive your check within five days, we will automatically deduct from the checking account you used to secure the booking.

  3. Please contact us if some flexibility is necessary.

  4. Payments for bookings are refundable only to the extent we are able to secure a replacement booking. Although we generally do re-book given a reasonable amount of time, there is no guarantee that we will. All refunds are subject to reimbursement of bank card charges we incur (3%) plus a $50 cancellation fee. Bookings generally cannot be moved to other dates unless the dates are nearer in time. Full refunds are available if flood warnings relevant to the rental are posted within three days before arrival. We strongly recommend that you purchase trip cancellation insurance.

  5. For bookings more than a year away, you may opt to pay an initial deposit by check now, with a delayed date for payment of the balance by check or credit card. For bookings under $1000, the initial deposit is $200; for bookings over $1000 and less than $3000, the deposit is $500; and for bookings over $3000, the deposit is $1000. If you want trip cancellation insurance, the premium must be added to the initial deposit.

4. Damage Waiver Fee: The non-refundable Damage Waiver Fee covers up to $1000 of unintentional damage to the rental property and its furnishings. This fee is $35 for rentals of under a week; $70 for rentals of one week or more. The fee will be included in your rental agreement unless you opt out. If you opt out, you will need to sign an agreement allowing your credit card to be charged for any damage. Please let us know at the time you book whether you want to opt out of this fee.

The Damage Waiver Fee does not include intentional damage, hauling of excess trash, excess cleaning charges including washing of dirty dishes or violation of dog rules.

If you cause any damage, please let us know before you leave.

5. Telephones: You must have an 800# calling card. All non-local calls and calls to our emergency cell phone number require an 800# calling card. Most cell phones work here.

6. Household Furnishings and Supplies:
The condo will have:

  • an initial supply of toilet paper (one roll and a spare per bathroom)
  • one roll of paper towels
  • trash bags, dishwashing and dishwasher detergent
  • laundry detergent
  • complete kitchenware
  • bed linens and bath towels (one set per person; if you do find more towels at the condo and you use them, you must launder them and put them away before departure)

There will at times be other cleaning and kitchen supplies and condiments, but, if these are present, they are compliments of the owner. There is a 24-hour Vons store a block down the street, where additional supplies and groceries can be purchased. The condo has a propane barbecue grill, you will need to bring propane tanks. The fireplaces are piped gas. You do NOT need firewood.

If you want kitchen sponges, beach/spa towels, a hair dryer, and bath soap, please bring them. Bath towels may not leave the condo so if you want to take towels to the pool or out to the hot tub, you need to bring your own. Bathrooms have liquid soap containers, but do not have bars of soap.

7. Adjustments: Please check the condo carefully when you arrive. If you should discover any problem with the condo, please report it to us immediately. We do not generally issue refunds for any condition beyond our control, such as power outages, water or plumbing system breakdowns, TV cable black outs, appliance malfunctions, and the like, and in no event will we issue a refund for a problem we had no opportunity to resolve. We maintain our condo in the best-possible operating condition and if a problem should occur we will make every effort to rectify the situation. If you decide to leave earlier than your departure date, there is no refund unless we can re-rent the nights.

8. Trip Cancellation Insurance: To protect against unexpected events that might cancel or interrupt your travel plans, we offer C.S.A. Guest Cancellation Insurance (view with Adobe ReaderTM - free download)) for all U.S., U.K., and Canadian bookings. We automatically include the insurance premium in your booking confirmation. The cost of the insurance is 6.5 percent of the booking (on non-refundable costs only, generally rent and tax) and is available to residents of the United States, Canada, and the United Kingdom. Residents of other countries should contact their local travel agents for similar coverage.

If you do not want the insurance, you may simply initial the declination and subtract the premium from your payment. We include it because we want no doubt that we have offered you the insurance and that you have opted not to obtain it (just like car rentals!).

There is absolutely no obligation to purchase this insurance; we provide it as an optional service to provide peace of mind and protection of your investment in your vacation.

9. Community Pool & Spa: Use of the 7 pools and spa on the property are part of the community. Rules are posted at each pool.

10. Emergencies: You will be provided with an emergency cell phone number to be used only outside office hours.

  • If the emergency is related to electricity issues, please see item 22 below.
  • If the emergency is a blocked toilet, see item 21 below.
  • If you request an emergency service call that turns out to be unnecessary, there will be a $35 charge.
  • If you lock yourself out of your condo and require a service call, there is a $35 service call charge during office hours and a $75 service call charge between 6:00 p.m. and 9:00 a.m.

For any of these charges, we will charge your credit card if we have one on file. If we do not, we will invoice you unless you pay cash at the time.

11. Trash: When you leave your rental, please remove all food (except condiments), place all trash in the trash bags, and taken out to the driveway, caddy-corner to the condo's garage. Make sure the trash cans are placed in the appropriate place for pick-up.

  • The trash pick-up day is Monday, Wednesday, and Friday mornings around 11am.
  • If trash pick-up occurs during your booking, you must put the trash out the evening before the pickup day.
  • There is NO RECYCLE available. You will need to put all items into single bags.

12. Gas Grills: As an accommodation, we try to keep propane canisters full for the gas grill, but if you do run out during office hours, you can bring the empty canister to our office and we'll exchange it for a full one. You can also exchange them for $xx.xx at any xxxxxxxx store locationand we will reimburse you. And you can refill the canister at Blah Blah, Palm Springs, CA, and at Blah Blah, Cathedral City.

13. Use of Internet: The condo is supplied with broadband internet connectivity using wireless Wi-Fi. You will need to bring your own computer and it must be equipped with a wireless WiFi adapter.

14. Dogs: We are very dog-friendly, but we can remain so only if dog owners strictly adhere to our rules. Violation of any of these rules will mean additional charges and in all likelihood you will be barred from future bookings. You must have written approval for your dog and abide by these rules:

  1. No dogs on furniture unless on a blanket you provide.
  2. Dogs must be crated if left alone in the condo.
  3. You must clean up after your dogs.
  4. Please keep your dogs on leash outside the condo grounds. Both Palm Springs and Cathedral City have city ordinances requiring dogs to be on a leash at all times.
  5. Do not allow dogs to bark and annoy neighbors. Dogs left alone in strange houses or in strange yards will almost always bark or engage in destructive behavior.
  6. Please groom your dog if your dog is a shedding type and make sure there is no dog hair on the furniture when you depart.
  7. Sorry - no cats: too many people are allergic to them.

15. Condition of Condo on Arrival and Departure:

  • Your condo will be clean upon your arrival, although occasionally there may be some overlap. We run a tight cleaning schedule and if a party delays leaving a condo, this may cause the cleaning crew to finish cleaning your condo a bit behind schedule. Although we rarely have this situation, we ask for your patience if it does occur.
  • Please leave the condo in good condition. Our agreement with housekeeping is that they do not have to wash your dishes! Please make sure all dishes are washed and put away before you leave. There's a minimum $15 charge if you leave dirty dishes (and the housekeeper will be mad at us!). We ask you not to move the furniture during your stay; if you do, please replace it. Otherwise, we have to send staff to move it back and we will have to charge you for the service call.
  • The one-time cleaning fee covers cleaning and use of linens and is never waived or refunded. For bookings of more than 2 weeks, the cleaning fee is doubled.

16. Noise: Our condo is located in very quiet area and we ask that you respect the tranquility of our area. If you play loud music, especially at night, neighbors are likely to call the police.

17. Additional Guests: No guests are permitted at our condo other than the number specified in your rental agreement without our prior approval. In general, you can have two additional day guests without any charge. We will occasionally permit more day guests for a fee. Every overnight guest in excess of the allowed number will be billed at $100 per day or the booking terminated immediately, at our discretion. And yes, children count, unless they are two or under.

18. Smoking: There is absolutely no smoking permitted in the condo. If you or your guests violate this rule, you will be banned from future rentals!

19. Tennis Courts and Pools: You and your guests may use the tennis courts and swimming pools at your own risk. We do not have control of these facilities. These are community shared resources and are available for your use, but we do not guarantee access to them. It is not part of the rental agreement. Children under the age of six are not permitted in the jacuzzi / hot tubs. It is DANGEROUS to small children to have them in high temperatures. We are NOT liable for your use of the community resources.

20. Loss or Damage: In renting the condo, you are agreeing to indemnify and hold harmless the owners of the condo, and their employees and agents, for any injury or loss to any member of your party unless the injury or loss was due to gross negligence of the owner. You must promptly report to us any unsafe or hazardous condition at the condo.

21. Blocked Toilets: We test all toilets prior to arrival to ensure they are in working order. Feminine hygiene items and large amounts of tissue will tend to block the toilets. In the event your party creates an overflowing toilet that you cannot unblock with a plunger in the condo, you will need to call a plumber at your expense. Plumbers like Rooter Express (888-UNPLUGU) and Roto-Rooter, with 24 hour emergency service, can often respond faster than local plumbers, but the local plumbers, like xxxxxlocalplumber at xxx-xxx-xxxx, cost less. If you leave the condo with a blocked toilet, we will charge your credit card or invoice you for the cost of unplugging it. (back to emergencies)

22. Electrical Issues: We are in an area subject to sudden flash floods and electricity is not as reliable as in the cities. We get occasional power outages. Your condo will have an emergency information sheet which will give you the PG&E number to call to report or learn the status of an outage. The number is 800-743-5000 for customer service and 800-743-5002 to get information on the status of outages.

Sometimes circuit breakers will trip. If you note a partial outage, please go to the breaker panel and check the breakers. If one or more is slightly out of alignment, you need to click the breaker firmly to the off position, then click it firmly back on. It should click into place. If this does not restore power, then call us. (back to emergencies)

23. Left Items: Please check the closets, drawers, and under the bed for your personal belongings; check for any battery chargers in outlets. If we have to retrieve items to send back, there will be a $20 service charge, plus the cost of the postage.

24. Commercial Use: Commercial use of our condo is strictly forbidden without a contract for the specific use.


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